Study Habits

By Blakeley Baker

Keeping your grades up and graduating from high school is very important. It opens doors that would have been otherwise closed. Getting into habits to help you while studying will help you throughout your lifetime, whether it’s preparing for a college exam or meeting deadlines for work.[1] At Catholic High School, we have the opportunity to use a MacBook for our schoolwork. Here are some ways to use technology to help you study.

Quizlet is an excellent website to use when studying. You can make flashcards for each of your subjects and study those. Quizlet also has different games that can help you study. They have a game called Scatter where you are trying to match the word with the definition, and another game called Space Race where you are trying to type the word before the definition disappears. Quizlet also has a learn mode, speller mode, and test mode.[2] It is a great tool to use, especially when reviewing for quarter tests and exams.

Another website to take advantage of is If you have questions in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, probability and statistics, test prep, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, world history, and other subjects, then Khan Academy is the place to go.[3] Khan Academy started out as a YouTube channel founded and used by Sal Khan to teach his niece who lived far away from him. It has now progressed into a full-time business sponsored by Bill Gates.

Another website to use when preparing for the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests is The site’s free services include practice problems and different practice tests you can take in order to prepare for these exams. The premium service for $19.99 per month includes predicting your performance on these tests by taking different assessments that target your weaknesses.[4] The service also connects you to tutors if you want one, and gives you the opportunity to view online video courses taught by Grockit founder Farb Navi. It also allows you to study with friends.

These are three websites to use while studying; but even if you use these websites, make sure you go back to the basic study habits, too. Continue checking Haiku for homework and test updates, talk to your teachers if you are having any problems with something, and take advantage of the hours when teachers can help you with different subjects.


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